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New Website Launch

Welcome to the New

Pacifica High School Baseball Website

Pacifica High School Baseball Is proud to announce That we have Fully Redesigned our website, we have specifically made this redesign to be most effective with helping Players, Parents, and More. With the redesign we call update 2.0 we have changed so much now you can start your very own account where it can be specially tailored to best help you and any needs you may have if you are a player, parent, coach, or even just a visitor to the website.

New schedules

we have now added a new schedule interactive schedule where you can see all of the games for our varsity team this schedule includes both home games and away games

Staffing Page

As we come into the New Season we welcome 6 new members to our management team, we have officially introduced a Staff page to give a brief view on all of our staff and how you can contact them

Team Photos

Along with our new management team we bring along many new items to Pacifica Baseball one of them being Team Photos and Player Photos you can view all photos on the "team photos page"

Its Better to be a Triton, Pacifica Baseball

The Pacifica High School Baseball Website was made and is kept up to date by Ricardo M.



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